Marine Investigation

“Hagstrom Drilling has the proven capability to support Drilling and CPT services in the Marine environment”

Hagstrom Drilling is Australia’s leading specialist in conducting marine based Geotechnical and Environmental site investigations within the Australasian construction, mining and offshore resources sector.

Our proven experience is second to none and our industry leading practice includes works conducted within intertidal zones, open coastal waters, rivers and some of the busiest ports, shipping channels and harbours across Australia. 

Previous projects have been conducted with a magnitude of objectives in mind such as new marina and boating developments, harbour expansion, bridges, reclamation, dredging, pipeline construction, establishment or extensions to port facilities including jetties and ship loading facilities.

Hagstrom has been the contractor of choice for all recent multi-platform works.  

marine exploration services

“When we were looking for a suitable contractor, only Hagstrom ticked all the boxes, with their combined ownership of barges, drilling and CPT equipment”




Drilling (Geotechnical & Environmental Site Investigation)
  • Geotechnical and Environmental drilling investigations conducted over water through the use of Jack up Barge and Ocean Sampler.
  • Cone penetration tests and other associated services can be conducted over water during drilling operations.
  • An Innovative system for collecting undisturbed samples in marine environments.
  • Suited to sampling unconsolidated and semi-consolidated sediment.
  • Vibracore uses an electrically powered vibrating head attached to a core barrel which is driven into the seabed.
  • Maximum depths of 6 m can be achieved, recovering continuous, undisturbed and in-situ samples.
Van-Veen Grab Sampling
  • Sampling instrument widely used in marine environments for hydrological and environmental investigations.
  • Consists of a stainless steel clamshell bucket which can collect samples of varying depths and sizes.
Underwater Camera Equipment
  • Specialised for marine use, our cameras are capable of assessing seabed habitat and drilling operations in real time to ensure client specifications are adhered to.
  • Available at the request of the client.

To facilitate these services Hagstrom Drilling and our sister company Australian Barge Hire, own and operate the largest fleet of overwater equipment in Australia providing our clients with a unique and extremely cost effective solution tailored specifically to their project needs.

This road transportable fleet includes spud barges, self-propelled barges, jack-up barges, support vessels and specialist intertidal equipment such as our Marsh Buggy.

Specialist “Real-time” Underwater Camera equipment capable of assessing seabed habitat and drilling operations to ensure adherence with project and client specific sampling and environmental considerations.


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