Our Services

Tap Into 30+ Years of Drilling Experience

Our longstanding reputation for quality service delivery is a testament to the lengths that we go to for our clients, guaranteeing the best outcomes for their project.

Our technical expertise spans RC, Diamond, Sonic and Water Drilling. We don’t limit ourselves to any one form of drilling or drilling application. This means clients have a host of services that they can tap into, or we can recommend to best meet their operational requirements.

Our advantage lies in customising solutions to meet the unique demands of every project, prioritising safety and performance without compromise.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

The Ultimate Solution for Drilling at Depth

Capable of reaching depths up to 600m, RC drilling is synonymous with superior performance, renowned for its high drilling rates that facilitate swift borehole completion and exceptional project efficiency.

Diamond Drilling

Elevating Drilling Efficiency with Diamond Precision

A powerful and highly versatile tool, diamond drilling can be used for various geological applications, while being compact enough to use in confined spaces without sacrificing performance.

Sonic Drilling

Fast, Reliable Sampling in Any Terrain

Sonic drills provide continuous core samples or seamless casing advancement without the use of fluids, offering a cleaner solution. Its compact footprint also makes it perfect for small drill pads, hard to reach and environmentally sensitive sites.

Ready To Unearth Success?

With experience and technical expertise gained from a diverse range of projects over the last 30 years, and a reputation for loyalty and trustworthiness, Hagstrom Drilling is the best independent drilling company in Australia ready to meet your needs.