Sonic Drilling

Fast, Reliable Sampling in Any Terrain

Designed for efficiency and precision, sonic drilling employs high-frequency, resonant energy generated within a sonic head to propel a core barrel or casing into subsurface formations via high frequency oscillation.

Widely used in geotechnical, environmental and groundwater investigations sonic drilling stands out for its ability to produce high-quality sample recovery in diverse and extremely challenging geological conditions.
Unconsolidated and hard formations are easily overcome, without the use of drilling fluids and additives, whilst providing continuous core sample and seamless casing advancement via a cleaner drilling solution.

At Hagstrom, we utilise state-of-the-art sonic drilling technology for rapid penetration through challenging geology, providing safe, efficient and on-time drilling solutions for any project.

Specialist Sonic Drilling Equipment That’s Up to the Challenge

Our sonic drill rig fleet includes industry-leading models such as the Eijkelkamp Fraste MRS XL275 DUO and the Boart Longyear LS250.

Capable of creating boreholes up to 12 inches in diameter, our fleet stands as the ideal choice for projects requiring precision and minimal environmental impact.

Our wide track-mounted rigs ensure exceptional mobility and accessibility, with low ground pressure minimising soil disturbance – all without compromising stability and performance.

These assets also offer a unique multipurpose capability, offering Sonic, Diamond and Rotary Air & Mud drilling from a single asset!

Sonic Drilling in Mining: From Resource Planning to Ore Analysis and Beyond

Our sonic drilling expertise covers a range of applications, from helping to determine mining and processing methods, to resource mine planning and control.

We can assist with:

  • Geotechnical assessment of Tailing Storage Facilities and embankments
  • Producing accurate-to-depth samples in extremely challenging geology, such as paleochannel, with 100% recovery
  • Identification of groundwater inclusive of monitoring well, pumping well and production bore installation.
  • Determining ore and residual resource values in tailings piles
  • Mapping hard formations within ore bodies and clay content (slimes)
  • Sonic coring up to 10” sample diameter
  • Pre-collaring overburden prior to advancement of Diamond Drilling “tails” during exploration drilling

Our project experience covers a range of commodities including iron ore, cobalt, nickel, silver, lithium, phosphates, gold (placer), manganese and coal.

Versatility Across Geotechnical Applications

From Standard Penetration Test (SPT) for ground density assessments to conducting detailed investigations, sonic drilling ensures precision and efficiency in every operation.

Our capabilities encompass anchor and tie-back installations, mini-pile drilling, compaction grouting and pre-drill tasks for caisson installations. For dams and levees, core samples can accurately represent fill materials and identify critical seepage zones.

With experience across a range of applications – including mineral sands, saprolites/ laterites, glacial deposits, clay, mixed formations, kimberlite pipes, oil sands, riverbeds and rock dumps – our team brings unmatched expertise to every task.

The Sonic Drilling Advantage

Continuous “in-situ” core sample & casing advancement
Productively drill any formation
No drilling muds used during drilling

Straight Holes, Minimal Deviation

Achieve precision with straight holes, boasting less than 1% drill deviation.

80% Reduced Waste

Our efficient drilling processes lessen environmental impact, contributing to responsible exploration practices.

2x Faster Drilling

Experience unprecedented speed, saving valuable time without compromising the quality of results.

Minimise Cross Contamination

Dual-tube advancement enables simultaneous casing of the borehole as the drill bit advances, ensuring efficient delineation and safeguarding against unwanted mixing.

75% Reduced Drill Bits & Casing Shoes

Swiftly advance through geology other drilling methods such as Diamond Drilling struggle to drill without a bit change every couple of metres

Environmental Applications

With boreholes cased off as the drill bit advances, access contamination involving multiple aquifers without cross-contamination. Ideal for monitoring wells, investigations and remediation.


We offer a comprehensive suite of specialised services to meet the diverse needs of the mining, exploration and geotechnical projects. 

Ready To Unearth Success?

With experience and technical expertise gained from a diverse range of projects over the last 30 years, and a reputation for loyalty and trustworthiness, Hagstrom Drilling is the best independent drilling company in Australia ready to meet your needs.