Diamond Drilling

Elevating Drilling Efficiency with Diamond Precision

Diamond drilling, also known as core drilling, is a drilling technique that utilises a diamond-filled drill bit to cut cylindrical cores of rock from the subsurface. This method is widely used in the mining and exploration sectors for resource definition, geotechnical assessment, and deeper mineral exploration.

Hagstrom offers dynamic diamond core drilling services, delivered by our expert team with experience in all types of core drilling, including dual tube or triple tube applications.

Our crews have worked across all ground formations and can competently deliver high quality sample and recovery rates in varying geological conditions.

Tailored Solutions from Our Diamond Drilling Rig Fleet

As a leading industry player, Hagstrom possesses an impressive fleet of high-capacity automated diamond drill rigs, hailing from major brands including Boart Longyear and Sandvik.

Whether your project demands deep directional drilling, or shallower large diameter coring, our versatile low environmental impact fleet is suited for both execution of productive and safe campaigns in greenfield and active mining environments. We can deploy equipment based on various drill depths and sample sizes including 6” & 4” Wireline Coring, PQ, HQ and NQ, with skid, track mounted and heli-portable options for ease of transport.

The Diamond Drilling Advantage

Depth Capacity up to 1,800m
High Quality Core Samples
Versatile and Highly Mobile

Precision and Accuracy

As arguably the most precise drilling method, diamond drilling provides accurate and reliable information about geological structure, geotechnical properties and resource content of the subsurface.

Core Sample Recovery

The core sample obtained through diamond drilling offers a high level of recovery and preservation of geological formations providing a higher quality sample suited for assessment of geological information such as mineralization. Wireline diamond drilling up to 6” core diameter can be provided.

Depth Penetration

Diamond drilling can reach considerable depths even in the most challenging geology therefore, making it suitable for exploring deep-seated mineral deposits to depths of 3,000 metres.

Less Environmental Impact

Diamond drilling is a relatively clean and controlled process compared to some other drilling methods, which is crucial in areas with strict environmental regulations.

Explore From a Single Borehole

Diamond drilling offers unique capability to perform directional drilling via “daughter” holes designed specific to project geology, from a single “mother” borehole location at surface.

Diverse Diamond Drill Rig Offerings

Diamond drilling operations can be provided via Heli-Portable, Super low impact, track and truck mounted equipment tailored specifically to scope and access constraints.

From Exploration to Optimisation: Diamond Drilling in Mining

Diamond drilling is widely adopted across various points in the mining process – from exploration to resource assessment and operational optimisation.

In mineral exploration, it aids geologists in extracting core samples – including in-pit – to identify potential mineral deposits and evaluating economic feasibility. Diamond drilling also provides mining companies with detailed information about the quality and quantity of mineral resources, guiding strategic decisions on the viability and profitability of operations.

The technique extends to blast hole drilling, contributing to the precision of rock fragmentation during blasting, ultimately enhancing mining and ore processing activities.


We offer a comprehensive suite of specialised services to meet the diverse needs of the mining, exploration and geotechnical projects. 

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