Reverse Circulation Drilling

The Ultimate Solution for Drilling Precision at Depth

Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling is synonymous with superior performance, renowned for its high drilling rates and ability to obtain uncontaminated drill samples for analysis in a timely manner.

RC drilling is generally cheaper than Diamond Drilling and can be utilised to support multiple aspects of any project life cycle such as remote exploration, resource definition, grade control and bulk sampling.

Whether navigating soft or hard rock conditions, this drilling method can be employed to complete holes greater than 650m in depth without comprise to sample integrity via use of our state-of-the-art sampling systems.

Our experienced team can support your project with tailored drill solutions, harnessing the capabilities of RC drilling technology. Partnering with us means accessing top-tier equipment and industry-leading proficiency, delivering outstanding outcomes.

Heavy Duty RC Rigs Designed to Deliver Maximum Performance

Hagstrom’s uniform fleet of Schramm RC rigs are mounted on 8×8 Mercedes carriers built for any climate and terrain, providing reliability in the most extreme environments.

Our late model RC drill rigs include extensive industry leading safety systems such as, but not limited to, automatic remote controlled rod handling, rod retention system, automated cyclone & cone splitters assemblies, control panel FOPS and sequenced ASNZS safety guarding.

This late model fleet is inclusive of Schramm T685i rig model of which is equipped with portable digital control panel allowing remote control drilling operations performed by the driller at a safe distance of up to eight metres away from the rig itself.

Robust operating systems are further supported by remote asset monitoring, inclusive of live video footage, connected to Starlink network providing unrestricted support in the most remote drilling locations.

The RC Drilling Advantage

Significant depth capacity
Faster and more efficient
High quality samples

Greater Sample Quality

The dual-tube system provides high-quality, uncontaminated drill samples to be brought to surface internally within the inner tube providing accurate representation of subsurface formations.

Ideal For Harsh Environments

Thanks to the power and safety features of the equipment, RC drilling is more resilient in harsh environments ensuring remote areas can be explored productively with confidence.

Highly Mobile

Explore your project efficiently via deployment of road registered all-wheel drive equipment capable of relocating swiftly with low impact.

More Holes Drilled

RC drilling is renowned for its rapid drilling speed, allowing for the efficient completion of a greater number of boreholes in a shorter timeframe compared to other methods.

Safety Features

Unlike many Air Core drill rigs, RC drilling is provided via use of remote-controlled rod handling systems ensuring significant reduction to manual handling related risk exposure without compromise to drilling efficiency.

Survey With Confidence

RC drilling allows efficient and protected use of down hole survey apparatus, such as gyroscope and gamma tool, internally within the drill string both during and upon completion of each borehole.


We offer a comprehensive suite of specialised services to meet the diverse needs of the mining, exploration and geotechnical projects. 

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